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Health Frequency creates and seeks out products that have a beneficial effect on health through our body’s interactions with the therapeutic waves of these objects in our everyday environment.

We specialize in therapeutic wave technology in the prevention of diseases and to promote health and longevity.  This technology is based on the Health Frequency theory and the Four Categories of Waves theory developed by biocompatibility expert Victor Dyment.

Everyday objects in our environment with Category 1 and 2 waves are therapeutic and bio-compatible with the human body. These objects significantly reduce early aging processes, improve our immune system and can help prevent most chronic diseases.

As creator of Quantum Health Art, Victor Dyment believes that the knowledge of this wave technology can significantly increase health and longevity.  Based on many years of study of wave processes in the human body structures, Victor Dyment is convinced that Health Frequency is the key to increasing life expectancy to beyond 150 years.  Moreover, Victor believes that Health Frequency wave therapy can open a new and revolutionary direction that can help anti-aging processes by the perpetual renewal of cellular resources in the human body.

Health Frequency wave technology is available today.  Category 1 Healing wave objects created by Victor Dyment have been proven to effectively increase mitochondrial activity, blood circulation and improve metabolism. Our wave technology research opens up a new frontier in extending human life expectancy.

What is Health Frequency?

Victor Dyment’s Health Frequency® Theory (the Theory of Appearance of Diseases in the Mechanism of Cellular and Genetic Structures) introduces a revolutionary new direction to explain the causes and treatment of diseases and health conditions.

The ability to feel the reflection of subtle waves in the environment and to analyze energy information of biofields has led Victor Dyment to the research and study of quantum wave vibrations and the search for physical things that cause premature aging and chronic diseases.

In our body, we have hundreds of trillions of receptors. These little molecules guide vibrational and metabolic behavior and the structures of DNA, genes, mitochondrias, cells, bacterias etc. These receptors are the keys to health and longevity. They can bring us to health and longevity or diseases and an early death.

– Victor Dyment

Victor Dyment has found in his initial observations and research that healthy individuals have similar biofields and that only certain specific beneficial waves of everyday objects are conducive to good health and longevity.

Nature has defined a rather small parameter of frequency range at which the human body can carry out healthy functions autonomously. Frequencies within this narrow range are beneficial to human health.  Conversely, frequencies outside of this range have detrimental effects on our health—it triggers chemistry changes and force our bodies to spend many internal biological and biochemical resources in order to adapt to these incoming negative frequencies.

Victor discovered that most of the energy vibrations of our everyday environment have their unique bio incompatible signs of specific waves which have an immediate effect on the energetic perception and geometry of EMF and other receptors molecules, cell membrane, mitochondrial, bacterial, proteins, activity state of DNA and genetic structures in our body.  Shorter, daily environmental waves accumulate and effectively intervene in the metabolic nature of health.

Victor found that healthy people have strong coherent biofields which resonate with the informational influences of reflected waves of clothing fabrics and materials, bedding, shoes, furniture, jewelry, eyeglasses, dental materials, not to mention living things. These objects have energetic contact with the internal and external environment of the body.

Victor later discovered that there are many wave vibrations in our environment that are very similar to the waves of chronic illnesses. Victor found that specific diseases are associated with the wave frequency ranges of certain everyday objects which regularly absorb, reflect and re-emit bio-waves of the body.

So seemingly innocuous everyday objects in our environment can be detrimental to the biofields of biological systems and cause predictable health problems. Constant polluting frequencies emitted from clothing, bedding and dental materials and from our environment provoke the greatest effect of intercellular changes and deviations from healthy cellular behavior.

About Victor Dyment

Victor Dyment is the creator and author of a ”Theory of Mechanics: Cellular and Genetic Structures” and the totally new concept of Health Frequency ® .

Victor was born in the U.S.S.R. and grew up in Belarus. In his youth, he was greatly influenced by reading science fiction books. This is one of the reasons why his explanation about the appearance of different diseases in the mechanics of cellular and genetic structures comes from a different direction than traditional theories. He always tried to get logical explanations and answers about different aspects of existing technical and scientific knowledge.

Through alternative therapy and the use of his skills as a healer, Victor realized the key to health was a quality of frequency in the body, bone marrow, and stem cells. With that realization he developed a unique method of bone marrow regeneration. Victor also discovered how different materials in our daily use contain a variety of frequency pollutions, which trigger negative reactions in the body and affect the bone marrow and cellular structure functions.

Victor became determined to find materials with a positive influence on health. After an intense search and experimentation he found the answers which led him to his Health Frequency ® theory about the effect of materials on the immune system. This is his unique and revolutionary discovery about the mechanical appearance of diseases in cellular and genetic structures due to the regular influence of negative frequencies of different materials. This is a totally new direction for scientific research, which can lead to answers for questions about the appearance and prevention of diseases. He has developed a line of special products that support the theory of Health Frequency® and continues his research in this direction.





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