Importance of Using Proper Composite Materials

Vertise Flow

We have found that Vertise Flow is the only  dental composite material currently available on the market which has safe biocompatibility for reflected or penetrative cellular waves.

Vertise Flow Composite has chemical components similar to the other existing composites but its formula and production process make this composite the most neutral in terms of wave-informational effects on the body’s structures. It is much less damaging than the other composites that interfere with the QIF’s of cellular communicative signals.

However, we didn’t find any safe glue that dentists use to bond composites or porcelains.  The dental glue currently in use is vibrationally, resonantly and informationally incompatible with dental structures and with the human body.

For this reason, do not use any glue with Vertise Flow. Vertise Flow is self-adhering. No separate bonding protocol is needed. It is a simplified restorative procedure with excellent performance. Vertise Flow has high bond strengths to dentin and enamel.

Vertise Flow bonds to the teeth tissue naturally without glue so it is preferable to other products.It incorporates the OptiBond® adhesive technology for excellent bonds to dentin and enamel.

Dentists who replace other composites with Vertise Flow or Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement report that patients feel more comfortable and are often impressed when they see blood circulation increasing and gum tissues returning back to their normal healthy color.

The cellular reflection and resonant wave vibrations from dental materials have more of a direct effect on health than the air we breathe and the food we eat. Dental materials have a direct effect on health 24/7 and throughout one’s life span. Wave vibrations of bio incompatible dental materials are the real cause of many chronic health conditions and diseases. They  contribute directly to the patient’s pain and suffering and significantly shorten the life span of the wearer.

The proper replacement of previously inserted bioincompatible dental materials with Health Frequency recommended materials is crucial. It will keep patients healthier for a much longer period of time.

Vertise Flow and Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement is not the perfect dental material by any means, but their biocompatibility is superior to any other dental materials on the market today.

For health and safety of children especially, we recommend that you use only the most biocompatible dental materials as recommended by Health Frequency.

These dental materials will significantly reduce emission influences of destructive resonance from the parents who have quantum informational impacts on children already born or yet unborn.

The lack of knowledge and ignorance of these recommendations significantly increases the chances of  having children born with autism, ADD, and other conditions, as children are supersensitive to their parents dental materials which have a resonant impact on them.

Dental veneers are especially risky to the health of the wearer and their unborn children. In order to reduce such a risk, we recommend that parents-to-be replace their previously installed dental materials with Health Frequency approved materials.

We recommend cements and composites that are not the strongest, (we haven’t found very strong resonantly biocompatible materials yet and you need to make a choice, health or beauty). For this reason, dentists need to check your teeth regularly when you visit them. If on occasion the materials need reinforcing, the dentist can provide this. However, maintaining yours and your child’s teeth is much cheaper than having to live with chronic disease. We observe that patients who use these recommended dental materials stay healthy for a very long period of time.

Most dentists don’t like to work with these recommended materials and they will invariably try to palm you off with other dental materials. There are many different composites on the dental market that are very strong and dentists guarantee that they will last for long periods of time.

They may be strong materials, however, our priorities are not strength and duration but whether these materials are conducive to good health.   Unfortunately, the answer is no.   We recommend that you only use dental materials tested and recommended by Health Frequency in order to maintain good health and avoid developing chronic illnesses.


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