Recommended Dental Materials

There are very few dental materials on the market that have wave fields with neutral or minimal health effects on cell to cell communications. Dental materials create interferences of reflected waves and create biocompatible resonances of vibration for the internal structures of the living system.

This is the most important knowledge for everyone who is interested in taking charge of their own healthYou need to have this knowledge in mind so that you can ensure that dentists and dental laboratories use only materials and technology that have been tested and recommended by Health Frequency®.

 Dental products tested

1          Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

2          Dycal® (for temporary use)

3          Gold alloy. Triangle 91

4          Creation Classic cc. porcelain

5          Vertise Flow Composite

6         Adhese ® Universal, Adhesive, for bonding

7         GuttaCore™ for root canals

In order to get good results when replacing silver amalgams or composite fillings, we recommend that you follow our recommended procedures to protect and promote the Health Frequency® wave reflection benefits for the proper balance of homeostasis of cells in your body.  In our efforts to find materials which fall within Health Frequency® parameters, we have found only one cement that does not interfere negatively with vibrations of cellular health and should be used according to these instructions:

Use only Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement.  This is the only energetically biocompatible product with a field of wave resistance and reflections to the body’s natural vibrations and almost doesn’t have wave side effects. To get beneficial health results, dentists should use only this cement for replacing silver amalgams to let tooth structures process natural chelating without blockages.

Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement used with Triangle 91 gold alloy and Creation Classic cc. porcelain are the only substance that resonate properly to each other and create biocompatible vibrations to the body’s internal environment. The resonant amplitude is balanced and the informational waves are coherent without canceling each other.

The best alloy for crowns is Triangle 91 and Creation Classic cc. porcelain.  When using Triangle 91 gold alloy and Creation Classic cc. porcelain, under a new crown, use GuttaCore™ for root canals with Ketac as well as the filler and the cement for the crown.

The optimal consistency of Ketac Cement is a soft clay consistency for longer wearability and durability.


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