Recommended procedures for Dental Laboratories

Health Frequency protocol for casting

We have studied casting and other after work of dental laboratories. We found that many laboratories use the same crucibles to cast different gold alloys or the other metals. This is totally unacceptable when specialists work with Triangle 91 gold alloy.

For this reason, the crucible for Triangle 91 gold alloy must be kept separately and used exclusively for Triangle 91 gold alloy and never used for other alloys.

Heated Triangle 91 is very sensitive to any metals and always records unacceptable informational waves of frequencies from metals with bio incompatible waves  previously cast in the crucible.

Some laboratories try to dilute gold alloy with cheap metals or fuse it with incompatible solder and use porcelains that are not recommended. This process destroys the nature of  the vibrations of quantum health informational waves in the Triangle 91 gold alloy and takes away the health frequency benefits.

Triangle 91 and Creation Classic cc. porcelain are the only two vibrationally biocompatible substances that combine properly the vibrations of each of the materials and allow the reflection and penetration of cellular communicative signals with minimal effect. Their resonant reflective amplitude is naturally adapted to the body structures and their informational waves are coherent without canceling each other out.

Health Frequency protocol for casting Triangle 91 gold alloy

It is very important that the Triangle 91 alloy not be contaminated through the various melting and casting processes. The crucible and all equipment must be clean and separate from other alloys and used exclusively for the Triangle 91 gold alloys. Equipment used with other gold alloys or other metals absorbs metal particles, including QIF’s (Quantum Information Fields) that are vibrational waves of other alloys. Triangle 91 has been carefully tested by Health Frequency®. It is very pure, biocompatible and naturally relates to the QIF of the body’s structures.  But when mixed on contaminated surfaces, it can absorb micro particles and informational waves from different metals previously worked on the surface of crucibles. This will dramatically change the frequency waves of the Triangle 91 gold alloy. This change in wave frequency of the alloy alters its ability to give you the desired final result, a healthy direction for the body.

For cutting the bridge (for some technical reasons), we recommend dental laboratories to use the laser to fuse with the same Triangle 91 gold alloy. Only the laser fusing procedure is safe because we don’t have safe soldering products.

Any solder made from other gold alloys interferes with and destroys the quantum-healing waves of Triangle 91.

The porcelains used in finishing the crowns and bridges are also a very important element to be considered. We strongly recommend Creation Classic cc as the only fusing porcelain to be used with gold alloy Triangle 91.  We have found that this is the only biocompatible porcelain the quantum vibrations waves of which are reflectively, resonantly, biochemically and informationally most biocompatible with healthy gum and teeth structures. This specific porcelain, when used with our recommended procedures, does not create energetic density in the small capillaries and gum tissues, nor metabolic blockages and resonant-vibrational negativities in internal environments of the body structures.

It is very important to make sure that the laboratory follows our casting instructions  fusing only Creation Classic cc. porcelain to the Triangle 91 gold alloy.

Do not finish with any glaze or composite. The crown or bridge must be glazed naturally with the correct fusing temperature and polished afterwards. Incorrect glazing, sealing and composite products carry bio incompatible properties and have very strong reflection of waves. These vibrations insulate informational waves and block the beneficial waves of unique gold alloy structures. This changes the natural QIF of the alloy and unfortunately will have negative informational consequences that affect the health of the wearer.

When you start melting the Triangle 91 alloy, do not allow the heated gold to touch any metal instruments as it would destroy the beneficial vibrational and informational properties of the alloy.  

Do not allow the flame from the torch to pass through any parts of the tools, tongs or any other metals. This could destroy the informational properties of the Triangle 91 alloy.

After melting the alloy, it is very important to follow the proper procedure for the cooling process.

Molds must be allowed to cool down naturally.  Do not put hot mold in water for faster cooling. When the molds and metal are hot, and yet unformed, some negative informational fields from the water steam can be absorbed and recorded inside of this unformed, unique, gold alloy structure. This changes the natural QIF of the alloy and unfortunately will have a negative informational influence on the health of the wearer.

Most of the glazing, sealing and composite products reflect natural wave fields of internal cellular environments and create resonant and vibrational distortions that can lead to many deviations and chronic diseases. Reflected waves from the use of improper materials have very rigid impacts on the microstructures of the body’s internal environment, disturb DNA, cellular and genetic nature. These reflected waves affect the particular qualities of the energy that penetrates through proteins structures and can create distortions in cell-to-cell communication signals. This suppresses the nature of the body’s signaling system  which plays a major role in our health. These actions will cause the isolation and blockage of the teeth tissues’ and blood vessels’ ability to perform their natural functions, and will ultimately lead to the development of health deviations and diseases.

Do not use anything other than the recommended porcelain with Triangle 91. It defeats the purpose of the recommended procedures. Only Creation Classic cc should be used.

It is imperative that the dental laboratory follow Health Frequency’s recommended procedures and instructions. Any mistakes can destroy the health frequency wave of the crown or other dental product.

For this reason, we recommend that you use only a qualified dental laboratory who is able to follow our instructions precisely.

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