See the effects of materials with coherent, beneficial healing frequencies and how the body responds.  We use thermographic imaging to compare the before and after effects when the subject wears a Health Frequency® ring, a ring made from a special gold alloy developed by Health Frequency.

Health Frequency® gold alloy rings optimize the thermo-regulation of the body. In this time-lapse video, the color changes indicate how fast our unique gold alloy ring reduces local and (after short period of time) general body inflammatory processes. Practice and experiments have shown a significant drop in patients’ body inflammatory processes after wearing Health Frequency® gold alloy rings. (In severe cases, we recommended wearing more rings). The local drop in temperature is almost always observed in 15 – 20 minutes after putting on the ring. General decrease of temperature is observed within 1 – 5 hours. The use of rings and other Health Frequency® innovations is safely combined with the use of medical antipyretic (anti-inflammatory) and other drugs. Our thermoregulatory gold alloy has therapeutic features which stimulates healthy vibrations and bio resonance relaxation at all levels of biological systems. It minimizes stress and viscosity in unnaturally strained tissues caused by electromagnetic blockages.


The following is a thermo-graphic time-lapse video of a woman in her 40s who has series health issues as loss of circulation, allergies etc. This thermographic time-laps video in various colors indicates the results of temperature changes. As you can see on this video, after wearing our unique Health Frequency® alloy ring the temperature on her fingers changes by more than 15° F (amazing!) and is improved further in the wrist in less than 30 minutes. This indicates that her blood circulation also improves, as the result of wearing the Health Frequency wedding band ring. All users of our Power Health rings report that they have more energy and feel better.