Victor Dyment has been treating people with chronic health conditions for many years with his knowledge of Health Frequency and the Health Frequency® products he has developed with excellent results.

My meeting with Victor Dyment began a truly positive life-altering experience. As a psychotherapist and author of self-help books, I have been called to teach my work internationally. My personal health was a constant interruption since I was uncomfortable traveling and I seemed to absorb many unhealthy conditions from unexplainable sources. Since childhood I had struggled with my reaction to clothing and bedding. Victor’s explanation about fabrics and the use of them is the best thing that happened to me. For the first time, I could feel comfortable, energetic and at ease the whole day, regardless of my activities or geographic location. I continue to feel stronger and clearer. The fabrics are like a ‘second skin’ providing a frequency of perfect health. THANK YOU, Victor, for sharing a lifetime of research and knowledge!

-Dr. Kandis Blakely, Ph.D.


At my first meeting with Victor Dyment, he discussed his theories about the effect of frequencies on the body. I was especially interested in his thoughts on the effect of dental materials on the health. I was happy to help him in his research by giving him access to a variety of dental materials currently on the market. He tested many materials and chose the ones which in his criteria are better for the health. I used the materials that he suggested on him and his clients who requested the Victor approved materials. I was able to see a difference in many of them. His clients reported a positive change to a healthier body after replacing their existing dental work with the material he recommended.

-Dr. Eda Ellis


I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma in 1996. This is an irreversible, deadly autoimmune disease. In researching the disease, I found the life expectancy prognosis was 2 to 7 years to live. It was impossible for me to accept that there was no way to avoid the death sentence of this disease. With all of the available information about Scleroderma, I was sure the answer was hiding somewhere. I was determined to find it, and I thought it was up to me to figure out where. Having always been a totally optimistic person, it was impossible for me to accept this death sentence. Having a six-year old son, I was not ready to easily give up and die and decided to find answers how to beat this disease. After starting my research I tried every possibility to find a cure for Scleroderma even though no known cure existed. While continuing under the care of my rheumatologist (connected with Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City ) I tried numerous alternative therapies, including working with a few well-known healers, with no apparent results. My body’s deterioration from the disease had slowed down, due in large part to a complete change of dental work. Finally, by the Fall of 2000, my body could no longer deal with the medication I had been taking. I was totally inflamed and my doctor started me on Prednisone. It was the lowest point in my journey. In January 2001, I met Victor Dyment, a Russian healer/scientist who had been doing research into the causes and reversals of disease. He had theories about the importance of how healthy bone marrow can be directly affected by incoming negative frequencies from materials of all kinds, which exist in our environment. When he started working with me, under his direction I agreed to change my lifestyle and use only the clothing, bedding and mattress that he recommended as the proper frequency. Within six months, I was off all medication and feeling better each day. After three years he successfully reversed this previously irreversible disease. I am only the first who has accomplished this because I followed Victor’s theories.

-Jane M. Parker


Jane’s scleroderma manifested with years of progressive skin tightening despite treatment with Penicillamine, a medication used to promote skin softening. Because of severe hand skin tightening, Jane suffered digital contractures and open infections. Eventually she required corrective hand surgery. She had a severe inflammatory episode at the onset of her scleroderma requiring treatment with Prednisone in high doses. She had a similar inflammatory episode after four years on Penicillamine, which necessitated the discontinuation of this medication, and return to Prednisone. Jane sought the recommendations of many alternative healers during the course of her illness, most of which were of no help. She did have a short term regression of her skin tightening following removal and replacement of her amalgam dental fillings.When Jane began working intensively with Victor Dyment her condition took a dramatic turn for the better. She was able to taper off Prednisone within six months. Over the past three years in which she has worked with Victor her scleroderma has reversed completely. She remains without any digital ulcerations or infections. She is on no medication at the present time and remains in a complete clinical remission.

-Dr. Mark D. Horowitz M.D., P.C.(Jane Parker’s doctor)