Health Frequency in a nutshell

Victor Dyment’s Health Frequency ® Theory (The Theory of Appearance of Diseases in the Mechanism of Cellular and Genetic Structures) introduces a revolutionary new direction to explain the causes and treatment of diseases and health conditions.

Nature has defined a rather small range of frequencies in which our body as a living organism is able to carry out functions autonomously and optimally without intervention – this is the “health frequency”.

When we are bombarded with frequencies outside of this range of health frequencies, our bodies have to expend precious internal biological and biochemical resources in order to adapt to these negative frequencies.

We constantly come into contact with environmental frequency influence from everyday materials such as clothing, bedding and furnishings. But the most important frequency influence of all comes from dental materials in our mouth. The polluting frequencies from dental materials suppress the cells in our body creating intercellular changes and deviations from the healthy blueprint we started off with. The genes impacted by the polluting frequency begin to create deformed mutated cells.This is how polluting frequencies from incompatible materials create health problems over time. The cumulative effects will manifest in pain, discomfort, dysfunction in our body and ultimately in the form of chronic diseases and premature aging and death.

Health Frequency-The Secret to Optimum Health

The good news is that just as toxic frequencies compromise our health and cause diseases, these conditions are treatable and reversible by eliminating materials which emit toxic frequencies and replacing them with materials with a health frequency beneficial to our health.

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