Everyday Materials and Their Effects on Health

A significant factor influencing the body’s reception of frequency is material. All materials are different forms of matter and are represented as vibrating molecules. Each material has its own signature frequency. In a fabric, for instance, that signature frequency will be determined by such things as the type of yarn or fiber, its weave, thickness, dye, etc.


Fabrics and other materials with negative frequency continually force the cells in the body to exhaust its resources by adapting to negative changes of electromagnetic influences. This results in acceleration of deterioration of the cells creating chronic changes and non-viral related diseases, which are mistakenly recognized as a genetic appearance of diseases.

The “Microwave” effect

Usually, everyone is continually affected by a negative influence of fabrics of clothing etc. The body becomes a moisturized substance, like a layer between the fabrics that is cooked as in a microwave oven by the negative frequency coming from the fabric. Intensity, time and temperature of influence usually are dependent on power properties and how often the fabric is changed. The microwave influence from fabrics spreads into the entire surface of the body regardless of how much of the body is covered. This influence exists in the vast majority of materials in everyday use.

Everyday materials have an effect on your immune system

Because materials in everyday use regularly influence the cells in the body, the changes in the cells are completely dependent upon power characteristics and direction of those incoming signals. All products that do not fit Health Frequency® parameters, adversely affect the work of the immune system, disrupting the chemistry and energy balance in the body by affecting nutrient behavior in metabolic and biochemical processes. Some forms of frequency signals from those materials inhibit the work of cells. This causes the cells in the body to wear out before time and earlier aging. This disruption can also cause serious chronic illnesses that range from arthritis, MS and Alzheimer’s to other chronic diseases and conditions.

Electromagnetic waves of negative materials are not compatible to the Health Frequency® blueprint of healthy cells in the body. The body is powerless to change the negative frequency signal effect coming from materials, and is forced to function under these negative influences.


If the material has clearly expressed frequency waves which provoke the appearance of a cancerous disease, Scleroderma, M.S., etc., sooner or later, independently from our lifestyle and the amount of vitamins we take, this frequency will traumatize the cells, wear out and break down the resistance of the immune system, be recorded in certain sections and change the genetic and cellular structure directivity. Combinations of radiating frequency pollution from materials surrounding us daily are different than the frequency of healthy cellular structures of the body, and create different diseases and health conditions.

Each disease has certain frequency parameters. Materials, which come into the sphere influencing the body, must correspond to the parameters of Health Frequency®. In most people’s lives, the materials do not correspond to Health Frequency®. The immune system spends a lot of its resources to adapt to negative frequency radiating from materials having nothing to do with Health Frequency®.

Since all different materials, fabrics etc., used in our daily life have the determinate structure of wave emission frequencies, and these frequencies coincide or are close to certain disease frequencies, it explains the mechanical triggers, which cause the appearance of different diseases.

The frequency of materials have a large variety of wave lengths and wave length compatibility that depend not only on the frequency parameters but from where the material is placed and how large the area that it covers.


The uniqueness of some materials, which have Health Frequency® parameters corresponding to the wave fluctuations of a healthy organism, (and adapting to the optimal work of the Matrix Frequency Blueprint of blood vessels, blood, muscle tissues, bone marrow etc.) help the sick body to be more quickly restored, by absorbing and filtering in itself part of the negative wave loads and toxins of the disease. Through this over voltage being partially removed and neutralized, health and youth are preserved much better in the healthy body. In this regard, Health Frequency® materials will affect the body’s experience healthfully without negative interruptions.

Common misconceptions about materials

Everyone assumes that materials made from 100% cotton, linen, or fur using natural dyes, create a positive influence on the body, and synthetic materials, with the application of chemical dyes, are harmful. This is a common misconception. With correct processes materials from synthetics as well as natural materials can positively affect the immune system equally and correspond to the parameters of Health Frequency®.  Conversely, with the incorrect process, fabrics made from natural compositions can disrupt the work of the immune system, provoking the appearance of inflammatory processes, allergies, and the appearance of chronic diseases with the same force as incorrectly processed synthetics.

Electromagnetic density of negative fabrics of clothing, bedding, dental materials etc ESSENTIALLY CHANGES THE ELECTROMAGNETIC AND BIOCHEMICAL ESSENCE OF THE HUMAN BODY. This polarizes the gravitational properties of cells and condenses the cellular structure in parts of the body, changing the properties and speed of movement of the blood, disseminates and weakens cellular structural interfaces in other parts of the body, interrupting and thus changing biochemical and electromagnetic properties of cellular and genetic structures.

How do materials meeting Health Frequency® standards affect the body?

Materials within Health Frequency® parameters have a flexible and compatible level with frequencies of healthy cells in the body. The material has the ability to reduce power stresses inside of the body. Health Frequency® materials gently help the exchange processes in the immune system without limiting cells, giving them the possibility to achieve healthy functions. The materials seemingly filter and neutralize, grounding electromagnetic fields, transferring their surplus from inside the body into the atmosphere. The cells of the body, protected from negative influences, are helped to achieve their function, without stress overloads. The body will recognize and accept frequencies from materials that are similar to the health level of the body’s original blueprint.

Using materials within Health Frequency® parameters is the easiest way to achieve a condition of healthy longevity, and to conduct a full, active life.

Health Frequency® materials and the treatment of chronic disease

This is also important in treatment of disease. Medicines can operate considerably more rapidly and effectively if the body stays under the systematic influence of Health Frequency® materials and is not influenced by negative frequency invasions. This has special importance with the treatment of diseases like Scleroderma, arthritis, other autoimmune conditions, pulmonary conditions and cancer. The skin of people who have Scleroderma reacts enormously to the influence of negative frequencies coming from materials. Only the use of Health Frequency® materials can help reverse this deadly disease.

In cancerous diseases the body and cells become supersensitive to materials emitting negative electromagnetic frequencies, provoking subliminal influence of pain signals that stand in the way of regeneration. At first, these signals are not consciously realized by the wearer, but are very quickly recognized and absorbed by the developed cancer cells’ own magnetizing frequency, creating different symptoms and changes in the body, including conscious symptoms of pain. Those types of cells act as a black hole, taking life resources from nearby healthy cells, weakening them and transferring them to the cancer cells. The cells receive, illuminate and transfer the pain signals and adverse electromagnetic frequencies. The regular emissions of radiating pain influences on healthy cell mass triggers development of new cancer cells, which start transmitting and sending signals further into different areas of the body, suppressing healthy cells and causing them to mutate into cancer’s regime. Sometimes the area with cancer is very small and can be easily cured by medical treatments, but cancer signals will spread due to negative materials, which feed the cancer cells with a similar frequency, provoking the appearance of cancer in other areas. Chemotherapy destroys cancerous cells, and does suppress the cancerous frequency provoking the appearance of cancer. After treatment, it is very important to eliminate the effect of electromagnetic pollutions from unhealthy materials, which will provoke the reappearance of cancer.

By using Health Frequency® materials, the action of chemotherapy and other types of medical procedures on the body will be more easily tolerated by saving the immune system’s resources in necessary cases; it can be administered longer, with an increase in the doses, helping achieve the necessary result. Often, the patient who completed the course of treatment, and in principle, has been completely cured of this illness, returns with the same diagnosis. This is not the medical provider’s fault. It is simply the patient Everyday Materials and continuing to use all the same environmental materials, which carry electromagnetic pollutions. This was the initial reason for the appearance of this illness.

Medicine has a very strong arsenal for the fight against different diseases. The absence of information about electromagnetic frequency pollutions from fabrics, dental and other materials provoking the appearance of diseases, inhibits a more effective fight against them and any negative side effects, which are frequently blamed on the doctors or well tested medicines. What seems an unexplainable, negative effect is very often the consequence of the influence from negative materials.

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