How frequencies affect our health


Frequencies at the cellular level

Did you know that the cellular behavior in our body is affected by the force and the direction of radiating frequencies emitted by the materials in our environment such as our bedding, clothing, furniture and most importantly, the dental materials in our mouth? These frequencies are either beneficial or detrimental to our health.

The cells in our body possess bioelectromagnetic properties and specific frequency intelligence which help them carry out the appropriate structural functions, to select the location of and to distinguish and recognize nutrients necessary for their existence. Each cell reflexively submits to incoming frequency signals and biochemically reacts to the slightest frequency changes. Frequency pollutions radiating from various materials in our immediate environment disturb the correct functioning of our cells and distort their biochemical reactions. If not remedied, the harmful effects of polluting frequencies will accumulate over time and manifest in the form of chronic diseases.

The brain as frequency signal processor and transmitter

The brain plays a basic role in the working of the body by regulating functions. It responds, analyzes and sends direction of the signals, which are controlled by the central nervous system, and provides those signals into and out of the brain.

The brain regulates body function. There exist more than a thousand different types of neuron groups. These control different functions through instant biochemical reactions, which represent processes of signals by expression of electromagnetic frequencies, from elementary response and transmitted signals to nerve cells, to more complex analyzing brain signals, and send commands to allow cell structures to perform complex operations. However, the reception of toxic frequencies, which emanate from materials in our environment, can significantly interrupt brain and nerve signals and cause disruption of body processes.

Any electromagnetic, thermal or other wave field attack, which has power characteristics not compatible to the blueprint of health, the model frequency template of the body, will have a negative influence on different parts of the immune system. This influence is coming from the vast majority of materials in everyday use. Some forms of frequencies from those materials inhibit the work of cells. It seems like a blockage influence, which partially paralyzes cells and makes them anemic by limiting the ability to achieve functions. Some forms of frequencies destabilize the work of cells and make an imbalance, not only of a stable condition, but disturb the exchange of biochemical processes of the metabolism. No one immune system can attempt to find a healthy solution with those negative frequency signals.

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