Category 1: Healing QIW

Constructive environment waves that are regenerative and rejuvenating

The diagram below shows how our body’s mechanisms interact with Healing Waves of environmental objects and trigger cellular resonance.  The body waves have the potential to increase vibrations exponentially where the sum of the biofield waves and the constructive environmental waves is greater than 2 (1+1).  When you have wave sum potentials of 4, 10, 50 or much higher counts (as shown in dashed lines below) greater than the regular body biofield, it will result in improved health and longevity.

Regenerative QIW is where cellular waves of the body’s biofield and the immediate environment superimpose on each other to form greater resultant amplitudes. A simultaneously regenerative wave sends informational signals that create near- perfect geometry of receptor molecules, activate correct penetrability of cellular membranes, proteins, vibrations of DNA and genetic structures and initiate mitochondrial productivity of ATP, natural metabolic and chelation processes. It instantly triggers mechanisms of cellular resonance in the body.

“Resonance” is defined as the tendency of the system to oscillate with maximum amplitude at certain frequencies. When resonance is derived through a summation of electromagnetic vibrations in the body, it can produce healing response in the tissues. In order to create resonance, the emitted reflected wave pattern of the material next to the body must match the biological window of the biofield. Harmonic oscillation of the biofield is the favorable outcome. This happens only when the body is in contact with objects of Healing Category (Category 1) along with Favorable Category (Category 2).

If the crest of one wave meets the trough of another wave wave, then the magnitude of the same frequency at the same point and the magnitude of the displacement is the sum of the individual magnitudes – this is constructive interference.  It improves wave coherence and causes cascades of electro-chemical reactions and improvements of metabolic processes in different parts of the body.

A favorable wave immediately affects the homeostasis system through EMF and other receptors of cellular membranes on the skin and other tissues, modulates conformational essence of hormones and protein molecules, gives specific directions to optimize favorable metabolic actions and consequences, which in turn nfluence the proteins’ density and increase the exponential freedom permeability of energetic flows.

In the following case study, a medical thermographic camera Thermo- Vision A-320 was used to record the regenerative (healing) waves in the subject’s reaction.

Case Study

We have taken thermographic time-lapse videos and pictures of a woman in her forties who has serious health issues including loss of circulation, allergies etc. This thermographic time-lapse picture in various colors indicates the results of temperature changes. As you can see in these pictures, after wearing our unique Health Frequency® alloy ring, the temperature on her fingers changes by more than 15° F (amazing!) and is improved further in the wrist in less than thirty minutes. This indicates improved thermo-regulation, increased mitochondrial activity and blood circulation.  These improvements were the direct result of wearing the Health Frequency healing ring. All users of our Power Health rings report that they have more energy and feel better.

These pictures practically confirm the logistic ability of reflective wave. Health Frequency® ring activates immune system regulation through reflective interactions of Healing Waves.

For example, the rings of our unique gold alloy reflect and constructively interact with body waves. Constructive information optimizes the level of multi-layer polarization charges on the receptors and cellular membrane. It initiates cellular respiration, mitochondrial activity and instantly increases the production of ATP. In turn, it causes a cascade of reduction reactions at all levels. It is a biophysical phenomenon of thermo-regulation where the homeostasis system gets a wave correction through the constructive waves’ interaction with the gold alloy of the Healing Ring. The uniqueness of this gold alloy is in its interactive ability to correct the body biological functions by logistic waves. It will increase temperature when it is too low, or reduce temperature when it is too high. These healing waves optimize metabolic processes, reduce inflammatory processes and increase blood circulation.

It is therefore possible to initiate the body’s rejuvenation processes without the side effects of herbs or drugs just by wave interactions with a specific formula of Health Frequency gold alloys.

We also create and informationally configure Category 1 Healing paintings and images that have quality to remotely regulate and optimize vibrations of biological objects. It is safe because it corrects body vibrations only up to the best-programmed level of highest degree of wave health.

Quantum Health Art

To get these healing effects, we applied specifically made mixes of oil paints and a special spray of our unique thermo-regulative gold alloy powders. To achieve the desired results, we use a unique crystallization treatment on each layer of the many layers in the paintings in order to initiate particular wave effects.

Our gold and oil paintings help reprogram internal and external structures of the living organism that are in the proximity of influence of Quantum Health Art paintings or Health Frequency laminated images.

Quantum Health Art is a remote logistical technology that safely increases the level of potential energy in people and in other living orgamisms present in the same informational space. Health Frequency products gently synchronize the energy of various biological systems in the same ambience.

Category 1 and 2 products are especially effective for when someone is undergoing immunization. It helps the immune system to reduce the side effect of various complications.

In biophysics, it is the phenomenon of regenerative Quantum Information Waves, (QIW), where waves of the body’s biofield are superimposed on specific waves of the healing environment and resonate to form greater resultant amplitude which are expressed as improvements in the electro-chemical state of the body.

Simultaneously Healing (regenerative) waves create informational signals that harmonize balance and near-perfect geometry of DNA, cellular, and genetic structures. They initiate rejuvenating reactions, correct intra-cellular activities and bring on a healing response in the tissues.

Healing (regenerative) waves significantly increase life expectancy by many years.




Wave Secrets of Our Health

Definition of Health Frequency

4 Categories of Waves in Our Environment

Category 1 – Healing QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 2 – Favorable QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 3 – Average QIW (Disrupting waves)

Category 4 – Lethal QIW (Disrupting waves)





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