Category 2:  Favorable QIW

Constructive waves that have a beneficial effect

The diagram below shows how our body’s mechanisms interact with Favorable Waves of environmental objects where the waves of the body and the environment superimpose on each other to form a greater resultant amplitude. The criterion for a favorable environment is where the sum of the waves are always higher than zero:
0.x + 1.0 ≈ 1x   (higher than just the 1.0 condition).

Biocompatible waves of favorable items of clothing, furniture, bedding, jewelry, eyeglasses, dental materials etc constructively match the environmental standard of Health Frequency® and increase the balance of health and longevity.

Favorable waves help create perceptible benefits to the natural features of genetic factors.

Favorable or constructive QIW happen where waves of the body and the environment superimpose on each other to form a greater resultant amplitude.

If the crest of one wave meets the trough of another wave, with the same magnitude of the same frequency at the same point, then the magnitude of the displacement is the sum of the individual magnitudes – this is constructive interference.

Constructive waves create notional benefit to the best natural features of genetic factors.

Beneficial Effects

The Health Frequency of interactive environment waves uniformly supports the vibrational balance of micro and macro structures of living systems. They have a beneficial effect on all features of the body structures where the body’s natural health waves is equal to 1.0 and where the favorable environmental waves are higher than 0 and equal to 0x.

A favorable environment results since the sum of the waves are always greater than zero: 0x + 1.0 ≈ 1x (which is higher than the naked 1.0 condition).

When the hygienic health frequency of favorable items such as clothing, furniture, bedding, jewelry, dental materials, etc. constructively match the environmental standard of Health Frequency® QIW, it supports the balance of health vibrations.

Favorable materials of clothing, bedding and some furniture in many ways act as protective wave filters. When these wave filters come in contact with the EMF receptors of a biological system, they interact to reduce the number of free radicals and to create a counterbalance to the negative wave vibrations coming from the surrounding environment and the internal biochemical processes.

Our biotechnology direction is to use wave technology logistics in wave interactions to improve health.

We actively seek out vibrationally safe products and use our know-how to control immune system wave mechanisms. Everyday objects with biocompatible waves can help in coping with a variety of inflammatory processes, infections and diseases. We use bio-resonance to thoroughly test products for Health Frequency to help regulate the thermodynamics of homeostasis in living systems and other internal processes in the body.

We call this process The Wave Regulation of metabolism and immune system through the influence of favorable waves of everyday items.

Items with Category 2 Favorable QIW increase life expectancy.




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Category 2 – Favorable QIW (Harmonizing waves)

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