Category 3: Average QIW

Destructive waves in our daily environment that lower the natural waves in our body

The diagram below shows how our body’s mechanisms interact with Destructive QIW in the environment. The waves of the body and the waves in the environment superimpose on each other to form a lower resultant amplitude. When the natural body wave is 1.0 and the summand environmental waves is lower than 0, it lowers the body waves to below the natural condition of 1.0, where 0.x is the resultant interactions of a lowering environment. 1.0 + –0.x = 0.x always lowers the waves of the biofield and is therefore detrimental to health and longevity.

We call this environment category “average” because this is the predominant and “default” state which all modern societies around the world unwittingly create nowadays. This is the reason why we are increasingly confronted with seemingly inexplicable health problems and chronic diseases.

Category 3 QIW is the primary cause of ill health and the shortening of life expectancy.

Destructive QIW happen where the body waves and the waves from the environment superimpose on each other to form a lower resultant amplitude. If the crest of one wave meets the trough of another wave, then the magnitude of the displacements is lowered and is equal to the difference in the individual magnitudes – this is known as destructive interference.

When the natural body waves is 1.0 and the waves of environment objects is –x that is lower then 0, this lowers the body waves below 1.0. The 0x is the resulting interactions from the lower environment waves and the body waves. Environmental waves of –x always lower the waves of the biofield and the health of the body.

It means 1.0 + –x = 0.x.

Destructive waves have a negative influence on all vital processes.

In biophysics, destructive interference happens where the body’s biofield superimposes on specific destructive waves in the environment. This will result in lower amplitudes of cellular waves. It accumulates in different areas of body tissues and creates genetic dependency, which in time will develop into predictable diseases.

In our research, we have found that genetic predisposition is NOT the cause of most chronic diseases.

Rather, the cause of most chronic diseases is the reaction of genetic structures on the reflective waves emitted by Category 3 objects in our everyday environment.  This reaction lowers waves in our daily environment.  The constant interaction between these waves is destructive as it lowers the biofield of the body. These destructive lower waves affect the configuration of frequency waves on our body’s receptors and as a result, introduce a distortion in the cell-to-cell communication processes. This confuses and impairs our body’s defense mechanisms leading to the immune system not being able to function properly to counteract diseases.

Normal cellular functions are then compromised as a result as they are chained to exponentially decreasing wave vibrations.  This destroys the coherence in our body’s biofield, geometry of DNA, cellular and genetic structures and lowers the temperature of protein processes.

A simultaneously destructive wave sends informational signals that interfere and create distortions in cell-to-cell communications. Destructive waves affect the configuration of receptors in our body, the geometry of DNA, cellular and genetic structures.  They also initiate erroneous intra-cellular activities, reduce protein quality and inflict harmful mutational processes in the tissues.

Destructive (aggressive) QIW cause vibrational destabilization of atomic-molecular compounds in living systems and increase the number of free radicals. Informational interference coming from reflected waves from the surrounding environment interacts electro-chemically with the biological structures of living systems.  This resonantly changes their vibrational activity so much so that it becomes a major cause of most chronic diseases as a result of mutations and other abnormalities.

Aggressive QIW that reflectively radiate from items of clothing, shoes, furniture, bedding, jewelry, eyeglasses, dental materials and other objects in our environment tend to have a cumulative detrimental effect on our health as they change the speed and power of ionic flows, increase the density of proteins, create cholesterol plugs and deplete and weaken bone structures. These Destructive QIW are not coherent with the energetic nature of Health Frequency® parameters.  They exert a harmful influence on the vital processes of all living systems.

The oscillating interaction of Aggressive QIW with biological systems causes resonant translational changes in the quantity of enzymes, in the transitional and structural processes and significantly reduces the production of ATP with all the ensuing consequences on the metabolic rate. This substantially suppresses the natural state of biological systems.

Aggressive QIW are energetically anti-hygienic informational fields. The vast majority of objects in our daily environment are vibrationally incompatible with health and wellbeing as they distort the nature of health frequency waves and energetically break the coherent frequency waves of our body. The destruction of the optimal harmony of natural resonance in the micro and macro structures of living systems produces electro-chemical toxicity.

Typically, the frequency parameters of untested environmental objects fall within the range of destructive waves that are incoherent with the frequency parameters of the biochemical elements of cellular matter. This can lead to diffuse chain reactions of excessive and destructive frequencies of wave oscillations with amplitudes that cause adverse metabolic reactions, severe inflammations, pain symptoms, mutations of cellular, genetic, bones and neurological deviations.

The vibrational properties of bio-incompatible objects distort the power and the direction of informational and electromagnetic flows. Remote objects in our immediate environment and objects that have direct contact with the body emit frequency waves that affect our external and internal informational biofields. They provoke unnatural molecular destabilization by causing the disproportionate shift of small particles at the quantum level in the atoms and molecules of living matter, causing these particles to shift from the ground state to an agitated, disruptive state or vise versa. Most pathologically active reflecting materials aggressively suppress the vibrational state of micro and macro structures, which in turn destroys the stability of the electro-chemical balance in living systems.

This adversely affects the natural state of inter-cellular communication where interference of informational exposure disrupts and causes errors in inter-cellular communication at all levels of the living system, leading to failures in cellular functions. All changes depend on environmental frequency signals at the quantum level and the strength of dispersive forces that interfere with the internal and external energy state of a biological system.

One particularly strong source of Aggressive QIW is dental materials.  The vast majority of dental materials  such as composites, porcelains, zirconium, cements, and most metal alloys used for dental restorations have an aggressive reflection and resonance effect that adversely affects our health.

Category 3 Aggressive QIW also include many types of jewelry, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Galvanic effect is the most common aftereffect of using Category 3 materials that ultimately causes chronic diseases in the human body. We have studied this phenomenon in many diseases and have found that galvanic processes in living substances can have many stages and levels that do not involve metals.

For instance, composite dental fillings can create blockages in the form of arthritis or tumors faraway from gum tissues and they can also cause an increase in galvanic reaction. We have also frequently observed how waves emitted by bio-incompatible eyeglasses materials interact with the frequency waves of dental materials causing multiple health problems. This detrimental effect can likewise be caused by Aggressive QIW emitted by dental porcelains, cements, zirconium and similar products including jewelries interacting with one another.

Eyeglasses with metal parts can remotely interfere with the metallic ions in the body. They increase the wave distortions of metallic dental restorative materials in the mouth, or with metallic objects that are in contact with the body. This disrupts the natural state of electromagnetic fields in the head and in other further areas of the body.

Contact lenses also create reflected waves which force resonance in all nearby cellular structures in the range of vibrations. For the areas affected by the interference, the flow of circulation for the entire face is blocked and this can in turn affect the entire body. The consequence of this forced resonance impact may be quite different for each person and will depend on the power of interference of the electromagnetic fields generated by other objects of everyday use in the proximity.

Some non-metallic objects that emit Aggressive QIW act as magnetic products by creating diffusion reactions which destabilize thermal regulation of the immune system. This leads to the reduction in the quality of enzymes, ATP production and other vital processes. Non-magnetic disruption of communication signals at the cellular level leads to an imbalance in the electro-chemical system with ensuing consequences.

Clothing fabric in constant contact with the body has an effect on the nature of vital electro-chemical charges in all areas of the body. Through wave interactions with materials in our proximate environment, our internal biological structures can create significant excess or reduction of natural background which disrupts safe levels of coherence of informational and electro-chemical balance. This can cause sleeplessness, compulsive activity, arrhythmia, nervous breakdowns and even cancers. In most cases, this is a consequence of disperse processes from cumulative wave distortions and corrosive substances chained to Aggressive QIW interference in the environment.

The use of bio-incompatible materials invariably disrupts the balance and coherence of inter-cellular communication signals, which in turn distorts homeostasis reactions.  Incorrect redistributive electromagnetic fields in the intracellular environment and the skin make us unwitting victims of Category 3 Aggressive QIW materials.

Category 3 Destructive/Aggressive QIW materials are the insidious cause of physiological and neurological changes in our biological system. They are also the leading cause of premature aging and most chronic diseases.

We believe that this unknown cause of aging and chronic diseases has been erroneously attributed to “genetic disorder” by scientists and doctors.




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