Category 4: Lethal QIW

Waves that are pathological

The diagram below shows how our body’s mechanisms interact with mortally destructive QIW in the environment.

When the natural body wave is 1.0 and the counter environment’s waves is –1, it lowers the body waves to a dangerous condition where 0 is result of destructive environment wave interactions:

–1+ 1.0 = 0.

Body waves that are counter to Category 4 daily environmental waves superimpose to form a near zero resultant amplitude or negative resonance (as shown in dashed lines below). This can gradually or rapidly impair mitochondrial activity and functionality and destroy the immune system’s defense mechanisms in the vitally important areas in our body.

When the surrounding areas are exhausted from trying to replenish the energy flow in the affected tissues, this can lead to seemingly inexplicable mortality.


You have Lethal QIW when waves of the body and waves in our daily environments counteract each other to cancel or form a very low resultant amplitude wave that lowers mitochondrial activity, life frequencies of cells, organs, blood flow, etc in vital areas of the body. Where the negative waves coincide with each other, it creates exponential negative resonance that can have devastating effects on health.

If the crest of one wave coincides with the trough of another wave, then the magnitude of the displacement is equal to the difference of the individual magnitudes.  This is known as destructive interference. Destructive interference happens when two waves of equal frequency are in opposite phases. This can gradually or rapidly result in vitality being canceled out.  The negative displacement of one always lowers the positive amplitude of the vital waves down to zero.

When the body’s vital wave is 1.0 and the lethal environmental waves is near 0 or have a negative amplitude of –0x up to –1x, it can lower the body’s frequency waves in certain areas to close to the deadly point of zero. This cancels DNA, mitochondrial, cellular, metabolic and neural activities. In some cases, –1x can cause negative resonance in vital areas that can’t be neutralized by medical treatments or drugs.

These Lethal QIW interactions in our environment are the cause of many seemingly inexplicable premature deaths. Environmental negative –1x waves invariably shut down the immune system’s defense mechanisms and create mitochondrial deficiency, inflammatory and bacterial problems among other things. These Category 4 Lethal QIW cancel the biofield waves and become lethal in the vital areas in the body.

People who unwittingly habitually use objects in their environment that emit Category 4 Lethal Waves tend to suffer from poor health and have a shorter life expectancy.

The values of wave amplitudes in cellular structures are derived from summing  wave reflections.  These reflective waves are repeatedly re-emitted from items we are exposed to in our daily environment. These decreasing waves in contiguous structures appear as consequences of wave informational perceptions on our receptors, DNA and cellular structures. These waves can be very harmful as they cause unexpected blockages in the ionic energy flows in vital locations in the body. This is often due to insufficient quality of wave bio-compatibility in many dental materials. This destroys mitochondrial potential, creates energetic blockages that weaken and damage vascular walls and the contractability of tissues which can ultimately lead to the formation of cholesterol plugs, arthritic symptoms, the exacerbation of seemingly inexplicable pains, heart attacks, strokes, loss of memory, cancers etc. Waves of bio-incompatible environments cause spurious distortions that in time, accumulate and create damage in small and large vessels, including other cellular components.

Objects and materials with lethal QIW waves cancel cell wave activity and drain vital vibrations to the level where the body’s defense mechanism is not able to support healthy functions even in spite of the surrounding vital structures. This derivative of our daily proximate environment invariably destroys the living system through pathological vibrations and restricts or decreases the quality of survivability through the destruction of the natural core of the living electro-chemical system.

Dental Materials Prime Source of Lethal QIW

We have found that the main factor in the disruption of electro-chemical and information communication actions in the cellular structures is sanctioned by bio-incompatible waves emitted by the vast majority of dental materials used in the last few decades which informationally exaggerate the damaging influences by other bio-incompatible materials.

All living organisms and substances are highly active electrically. Even one cell, under certain circumstances, can produce enough electrical voltage that can be detected by an ampere meter. The human body contains over 10 trillion cells and on top of that, we harbor more than 100 trillion bacteria. All of these cells and bacteria in our internal environment react and interact with frequency waves of our daily environment at the quantum level. In the case of lethal waves, the bacteria’s pleomorphic structures can change behavior and act aggressively. In those cases, even the best medicine cannot help and the only option would be to remove the deadly bio-incompatible dental materials in the mouth.

Everything that touches our body affects and changes the vibrational state of our biological system at both the micro and the macro level.

The body is a very powerful electrical system in which the central nervous system has a reciprocal relationship with the neuro-physiology meridians and acupressure energy centers, which are vital to all functions in our biological system. We have found that the most dangerous and disruptive of foreign objects that emit Lethal QIW are in fact dental materials in the mouth.  They interrupt optimal connections of inter-cellular communication causing mutations and the shortening of life expectancy.

Most dental materials such as composites, porcelains, zirconium products, temporary and permanent cements that are placed in the gum area act as insulators, or toxic signaling station of Lethal QIW. Dental materials in the mouth should be the first warning sign that your health is endangered.

The “Dead Zone”

Most dental materials are implanted in the human head which is a highly electro-chemically and informationally active zone with ionic wave flows. The dental materials not only insulate but reflect and distort health frequency waves of the entire body. Destructive interferences from Category 4 Lethal QIW materials create destructive waves, which cancel out vital waves from our body. This creates a dead zone in which a living biological system cannot effectively support its vital functions.

Some of these dead zones create an energetic void that are effectively black holes with an absorptive vortex. The body’s vital mechanisms will automatically try to refill the dead zones and balance energy flows through homeostasis but this is only possible up to a certain point. Dentists routinely see discolorations, loss of gum tissues and other complications in these dead zones after a certain time but are unable to resolve these problems since most dental materials have the same lethal effect.

Ultimately, this leads to heart and lung problems and malfunctions, strokes, unchecked bacteria growth that no drugs can mitigate.

Some of these dental materials create different types of energetic densities, which mutate and cannibalize the arterial wall, promote the growth of tumors or cholesterol plugs with all the ensuing health consequences, ultimately leading to cancer or other fatal diseases. Medical procedures can be of no avail without knowledge of the root cause of the problem – Lethal QIW emitted by bio-incompatible materials.

Even the smallest dental filling made from these Category 4 bio-incompatible materials can be an insurmountable obstacle to the inter-cellular communication signaling waves. The material creates artificial barriers, distorts waves, interrupts or stops energy flow, resonantly destroys nerve impulses and in most cases, disrupts the energy centers and meridians in the body.

In most cases, the consequences are seriously detrimental.  In some cases, they can be fatal.

Blockages in teeth tissues create continuous exposure in isolation. This informationally reduces the power of the mitochondrial productivity of ATP in nearby cellular structures, especially in the endothelial cells in small vessels. Structural changes cause imbalances of thermal-regulation, which leads to metabolic toxicity, reduction of blood flow in affected areas, anemia, discoloration of gum tissues and even the skin. This ultimately affects the vibrational properties the skull, the bones, limbs and can even spread to the brain cells to change the geometry and density, and the bulk cross-viscosity of the brain, destroying electrical activity, neuron cells, memory and vital fluids including bone marrow in the spine and all over the body.

Informational change of the electromagnetic fields in the affected areas leads to disruption of thermal-regulation and reduces enzymatic reaction activities.  This has a detrimental impact on all vital functions. The obstruction of information signals and electromagnetic waves in the areas of our body as a result of anti-natural materials creates  barriers that will lead to the accumulation and the development of self-contained locking processes. This weakens the self-ventilation of tissue both on the surface and deep within the body, leading to a reduction of circulation and oxygen supply. The symptoms are a loss of vital activity, elasticity, and neural reactions and restructuring in the affected areas. The system ceases to flush out accumulated toxins and heavy metals and becomes gradually degraded over time. Most mutational processes are associated with the quantum information influence of the environment that causes vibrational changes in the electro-chemical nature of living matter.

Dental materials suppress the vibrational properties of DNA and the cellular and genetic structures located near the frontal lobe of the brain and leave their quantum imprint on all healthy cells. In turn, this will begin to disrupt the communicational, electro-chemical, and thermal-regulatory processes in our body. At the boundaries of the blocked areas, cold or hot inflammatory processes often appear which lead to mutations and the destruction of cellular tissues.

The suppression of the activity of neighboring cellular structures takes place almost instantaneously, but adverse changes from the cumulative effects can last from several days to several decades. This is the main reason why this phenomenon was not detected by medical researchers.

The QIW incompatibility of unverified dental materials distributes its stiff vibrational oscillations that resonantly disrupt the activity of vibrating atoms and molecules and suppress thermal regulation of living structures.

To mitigate the entropy of the affected areas, the living system is forced to redistribute resources to support the electro-thermal and electro-chemical balance. Unable to self-compensate for the thermodynamics of the artificially disturbed life processes, the system gradually loses its full value and continues to deteriorate.

Since most dental materials constantly reflect waves, they generate a bio-incompatible oscillation which is destructive and in many cases pathologically fatal. Disruption of communication signals leads to the atrophy not only in gum and dental tissues, but also in distant parts of the body.

First and foremost, this causes pain and suffering in the tooth and around the tooth and gum tissues. This is the main reason behind the change in energy balance, thermal-regulation, and metabolism not only at the site of the installation of vibrational incompatible dental materials, but also in the distant areas of teeth and gums.

The symptoms are expressed as disruption of circulation, a sensation of discomfort, pain, inflammatory processes, discoloration of gums, with the subsequent and gradual loss of gingival and dental tissues.

As a domino effect, this suppresses the various parts of the brain that lead to important centers of nerve fibers, on which are superimposed the resonant-vibrational, thermal-regulation, and circulation disorders.  This in turn leads to a loss of nerve-signaling activity and the metabolic degradation of muscle tissues expressed as anemia developing into atrophy and disorders.

Pathological QIW are the main factor that cause fatal consequences through the loss of pulmonary and cardiac activity and bacterial outbreaks which are uncontrollable by medications. They create infections, cancers, diabetics, systemic scleroderma, and neurological and other diseases. This is the main cause of the various pathological conditions and fatalities that modern medicine and alternative specialists fail to treat.

Some environmental materials can transform waves in our body’s biofield by a factor which further increases the signal of deadly coefficient in the mechanism of lethal wave vibrations.

Resonantly suppressed passive atoms and molecules in our internal affected area play a role in the “dead zones” as they lock the transmission of electromagnetic waves and communicational signals. The accumulation of pathological “dead zones” in turn creates “black holes” that absorb neighboring cells resources, and eventually those of distant active cells. This in turn leads to the depletion of cellular resources. This explains the cause of memory loss, neurological disorder, cancer and many other disorders and diseases.

People who habitually use Category 4 objects and materials in their daily life, with dental materials being a prime example, tend to suffer from poor health and are at serious risk of a shortened life span.




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