Definition of Health Frequency

Health Frequency is the specific energetic potential of coherent waves that includes the energy of derivative quantities. Health Frequency comprises the biocompatible summands of the potentials of photonic charges that exist in the atoms and molecules of cellular substances. It interactively sums up the frequency waves of objects in our immediate environment.

Health Frequency is a universal loop where the summands of the strength of the reflected waves inverse-proportionally affect the energetic and metabolic capacities of cellular matter.

Health Frequency® as Quantum Information Waves (QIW) supports the harmony of the homeostasis of the electrochemical system in our body and in all living organisms.  Health Frequency promotes health and longevity and helps prevent most chronic diseases.  This is achieved by the optimization of the human biofield and health through the careful selection of regenerative and favorable objects in the proximity of our daily environment.

All Quantum Information Waves (QIW) emitted by modern environmental objects fall within 4 categories, two of which are beneficial and two are detrimental to our health.


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Wave Secrets of Our Health

Definition of Health Frequency

4 Categories of Waves in Our Environment

Category 1 – Healing QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 2 – Favorable QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 3 – Average QIW (Disrupting waves)

Category 4 – Lethal QIW (Disrupting waves)





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