Wave Secrets of Our Health

The human body, as a biological entity, has a coherent system that flexibly carries the flows of natural waves in our immediate environment. Everyday objects and apparels in our environment affect the wave coherence in our body’s biological system with metabolic and mutational consequences. There are only two types of wave influences, they are either constructive or destructive.

The illustrations below show how this works in practice.

Constructive Wave Interference

The illustration below shows the simple wave mechanisms of the first two constructive wave categories (Category 1 & 2) of everyday objects. They interact with each other favorably as constructive waves. This has a beneficial effect on our health and longevity and can help significantly in preventing chronic diseases.

Destructive Wave Interference

The illustration below shows the simple wave mechanisms of the third and fourth destructive wave categories (Category 3 & 4) of everyday objects that interact as destructive counter waves which lower natural health waves. This weakens and destroys the immune system, accelerates the aging processes and imposes a variety of destructive vibrations on our cellular structures that can bring about the onset of certain chronic diseases.      


Each cell sends and receives entangled signaling waves that go through the body and give information about the body’s internal functions and conditions in any given moment in time. In an ideal situation, these entangled waves should be very balanced and coincide with each other.

Modern environmental objects in our daily life such as clothing, bedding, furniture, jewelry, eyeglasses etc, and particularly dental materials, distort the coherence of our body’s cellular waves. The level of distortion depends on the waves of these objects which carry their own specific formula that interact and change the wave configuration on our receptor molecules.

The vibrational states of receptor molecules affect the quality of cellular respiration, mitochondrial activity, our metabolic, intellectual, emotional conditions and even our longevity.

This is the true logistics of environmental causes of disease:
Most chronic diseases are caused by destructive waves of daily objects in our environment.

Our initial research demonstrated that healthy individuals produce coherent flows of waves in biofields.  Many everyday objects in our daily life, ranging from clothing to furniture to bedding and other simple items are influencing the flow of our body’s internal waves and therefore our health condition. The waves of these objects are either compatible or incompatible with the wave vibrations in human biofields.

If the waves of common household items are biocompatible, it helps to support and even enhance health and longevity, prevent diseases and help treat diseases along with other conventional therapies of health restoration. Constructive wave vibrations of daily objects bring us to our natural full-health state as intended.

On the contrary, exposure to bio incompatible waves of everyday items can cause adverse health effects and provoke chronic diseases even in the healthiest of living organisms (humans, pets, etc).

Most wave vibrations of everyday objects in our environment however possess bio-incompatible wave/vibrations that can cause specific diseases. This unknown factor has yet to be recognized and acknowledged by scientists, medical and alternative health specialists in our society.

Bio-incompatible waves of most daily objects have a direct and immediate effect on the energetic perception and geometry of receptor molecules, cell membranes, DNA and genetic structures, mitochondrial and peptide activities in the human body.  These destructive waves accumulate in the body via various mechanisms as discussed above, compromising the immune system and impairing the metabolic nature of health, shortening our life span and can lead to seemingly inexplicable chronic diseases.

All living systems are informational wave structures that interact with electrochemical mechanisms of homeostasis. These mechanisms play a logistic role in the regulation and direction of biological processes.

This approach helps to explain the physics of cellular matter.

The wave structures of living systems interact informationally with electrochemical mechanisms of homeostasis. This plays a logistic role in the structure of regulation and direction of biological processes.

This new perspective on informational wave regulation of biological systems should radically change our view on the true causes of the growing number of chronic diseases.

Information disturbances in coherent systems and collateral influence of deflective waves on cell-to-cell signaling logistics is the main cause of the emergence of  the vast majority of chronic diseases and premature aging.




Wave Secrets of Our Health

Definition of Health Frequency

4 Categories of Waves in Our Environment

Category 1 – Healing QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 2 – Favorable QIW (Harmonizing waves)

Category 3 – Average QIW (Disrupting waves)

Category 4 – Lethal QIW (Disrupting waves)





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